Global Scouse Day

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Global Scouse Day is an annual celebration of the city of Liverpool which is held every year on February 28th. It is primarily based around scouse; the meat (or veggie) stew that is synonymous with the city, and sees bars, cafes and restaurants in Liverpool and around the world put scouse on the menu for the day. Scouse is also served in Liverpool schools, hospitals, and on Virgin trains nationwide. In recent years Global Scouse Day has grown to encompass music, art and cinema from across the city.

Merry Christmas from the Home of Bootle's Best Breakfast🎅🏻

We just wanted to say a massive thank you and a Merry Christmas🎄 to all our customers for all your continued support over the last 12 months!👌🏼

As a small gesture of our appreciation we are giving all our customers free mince pies with all hot drinks purchased on the run up to Christmas... but there's a catch, you have to 'sing for your supper' and sing us a Christmas carol whilst ordering your food!🎶😳

🤐 Ok, I was only joking about the singing😂 Just come along as your usual lovely selves and get your mince pie on us as a massive thank you!😘


christmas at harrisons tea room 2.JPG
christmas at harrisons tea room.JPG